uTorrent 3.1.3 build 27167

? Torrent is an incredibly popular BitTorrent client.

Yet the minute features

Besides the most BitTorrent client now features such as ?torrent, bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading, mainline DHT ( is compatible with BitComet). Supports peer exchange and ? Torrent protocol encryption joint specification is compatible with BitComet 0.63 Azureus and above, the above.

Friendly resources

Written in mind of ? Torrent efficiency. And many torrent clients, unlike normal 6 MB is not everything, you can use the computer memory using valuable system resources-are not pigs. Further, the program itself is included in one executable file size is less than 1 MB.

Skinnable and localizable

Use different icons, toolbar graphic and status icon replacements, creating your own is very simple. ? Torrent also automatically switches to language files, your system language support localization and. If your language is not available, you can to edit it translations of other existing to improve them or add your own easily!

Actively developed and improved

Developers working on the feature and puts a lot of things easy to use more time. Because some display bugs quickly addressed and fixed with no schedule pressures, be ready when only release comes out.

Download here