UltraDefrag 5.0.5 (32-bit)

It is a powerful disk defragmentation tool for UltraDefrag Windows. It is the first open source disk defragmenter lock file in the perfect support system optimization. Ultradefrag the paging file that contains the registry hive, and processing during the Windows boot process really all files.

Boot-time defragmentation: this feature provides the ability to defragment any system files. Including the paging file, registry hives, hiberfil.sys file and other files that windows is running completely locked by the system or other applications. High-speed disk defragmentation: relocate the optimizer all data located at the beginning of the drive. System found in many instances, more is better under load, if the stable and the data located at the beginning of the drive. Single file and folder defragmentation: After UltraDefrag is installed, is to select files or folders and deframent it. This option is useful if you recently installed applications and games, would like to quickly optimize the performance primarily.

This 32-bit is the version.

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