This is because Skype software to call other people on the phone and your computer. Download Skype and start a free worldwide calls.

Is highly secure end-to-end encryption, and great call quality. However, you do not need to configure the firewall or router or other network device.

Also it does not work in Windows. Skype is using Mac OS X, Linux and Pda Pocket PC platform for the native look and feel even is. The attraction transfer talk, instant message also is sending files to work across different platforms.

To manage Skype calls Skype calls - because it is easy to all functions of the phone. Video call - talking and talking to them at the same time, see. Add Skype and SkypeOut contacts-using Skype and ordinary phone, and call a lot of people using the add contacts. Share your contacts organized under the specific name of the groups - group contacts, so talk to them. Useful isn't a basic chat or telephone, chat or instant message (IM) to the emoticons-contact. Group chat - and easy to chat or instant message (IM) all your friends once. Profile settings - change the people who know a little about how you display your world. Conference call - to one or more friends to talk at once. Import contacts-friends preexisting Skype name and search calls free of charge to your address book to start families. Contact - display, quickly and directly in Skype contact list from Microsoft Outlook ® for view Outlook contacts to call. Enter the Skype name of finding out the Quickfilter and speed - dial Skype contacts them to call back soon quickly and easily, recent chats and SkypeOut contacts.

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