Gladinet cloud Desktop 4.0.874

Gladinet cloud desktop mounts cloud storage as local folders. Users can access their files cloud in Windows Explorer. Storage includes accredited Amazon S3 synaptic AT&T,, EMC Atmos online FTP, Google Docs and Picasa, Google storage for developer Nirvanix, meso, aubinstak, klodoni, Rackspace cloud Peer1, WebDav, Windows azure storage and files more. Once the download volume as local folders, users can set up backup jobs in Gladinet, at the same time to backup multiple local folders to arari excessive cloud storage. For example, users can back up to a local folder on drive c and drive d to the FTP server, Amazon S3 and WebDav server in a single task. You can also set up users "Google Docs" backup task to backup documents in Google Docs "other cloud storage directly.

Key features:

Access to cloud storage local drive. backup e-mail files and folders of any cloud storage service to synchronize data across multiple computers using any cloud storage. Secure your cloud storage by using encrypted military ranks.

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